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Our service

Our Approach

We work with all those referred to develop a Personal housing Plan (PHP). This identifies the housing need alongside a series of actions the individual and the SHPS staff team need to complete with target dates for completion. The individual and SHPS staff member sign up to complete these actions within the timescales set in order to prevent or relieve homelessness. Actions may include writing to the landlord; agreeing a rent payment or positive behaviour plan; signposting to additional support services; attending a viewing of a property or carrying out mediation between family members.


The aim of the actions on the PHP is to prevent or relieve homelessness. This plan can be reviewed and updated regularly depending on need to achieve goals set.


Once homelessness has been prevented or relieved, SHPS staff will check in monthly to see how things are going and provide additional support where needed for accommodation to be sustained.


Once an individual’s homelessness has been prevented or relieved for at least eight months, SHPS will complete a checklist identifying that there is no longer a risk of homelessness, ensuring support services required are engaged as needed.

How it Works

SHPS is paid by the Local Authority according to the number of successful outcomes it delivers, so we’re completely incentivised to make sure that this service delivers positive housing outcomes for individuals.

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