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Information for landlords

Relationship with Landlords

We wish to develop close working relationships with landlords offering accommodation within the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rates. Those worked with are likely to require some level of housing benefit to cover rent costs so accommodation needs to be set within these rates.

Accommodation required may be within a shared licensed HMO, an individual studio apartment or a one bed property. Whilst most clients will be looking to stay within the local area, we are able to accommodate them outside of the borough if they are willing to move.

We are able to offer a named contact to landlords so that any issues arising can be discussed and support put in to try and resolve these.

What we need from you

  • Access to properties! Good quality accommodation meeting all legal requirements, with HMO’s meeting requirements / being licenced where needed.

  • We wish to be able to build strong positive working relationships with landlords to develop trust and provide mutually beneficial outcomes. This requires openness and good communication and you letting us know if there are any problems as soon as they arise.

  • We will require signed copies of all tenancy / licence (not excluded) agreements in order to be able to evidence our outcomes. All tenancy agreements should be for at least 12 months.

Benefits of working with SHPS

  • Staff get to know clients and their needs so will be in a better position to place people into accommodation appropriately.

  • Staff will work with clients to enable them to sustain current accommodation and resolve outstanding issues, saving landlords money in following through eviction processes.

  • Staff know the welfare benefit system and will be clear with clients about their benefit entitlement, maximising income where possible and being up front with landlords about the amount they can expect to receive from Housing Benefit.

  • We can attend viewings with clients and will ensure they understand their rights and responsibilities as well as those of the landlords before signing up to a tenancy.

  • SHPS have working agreements with local Housing Benefits so have direct access to them in order to be able to identify payment issues and provide up to date information to landlords and clients, enabling problems to be resolved quickly.

  • We will work with clients to ensure that Housing Benefit forms are submitted with all info required to process the claim quickly.

  • We provide ongoing support to clients for at least 8 months with landlords having a named contact to talk to should any problems with the tenancy arise.

  • SHPS are able to signpost and engage additional support services where needed to reduce likelihood of issues arising. This includes access to employment services to support people to access work opportunities, increasing their independence and ability to sustain their property.

  • We are paid for the results we get so will work flexibly to ensure we achieve positive outcomes for those worked with.

How to get in touch

If you are interested in letting your property with SHPS, get in touch with us at your local council below. 

We work across six London boroughs

Click on each borough to find out more

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