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Preventing and relieving homelessness for single people 

Single Homeless Prevention Service (SHPS) is a collaboration between a group of organisations with a common goal: to prevent and relieve homelessness for single people aged 18 and over.

Our mission is to prevent homelessness, improve the well-being of the people we support and to reduce social and economic exclusion.

The service is run in partnership with Local Authorities, frontline delivery organisations and the government’s Life Chances Fund, who part fund the service. SHPS provides support to those who are homeless or threatened with homelessness. Local Authorities refer people to SHPS for support with their housing needs in line with the objectives of the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017.

The service provides support across six London Boroughs. Our delivery partners are Crisis, Hestia, Riverside and Single Homeless Project. Together, these organisations have extensive experience providing support to homeless people, helping them to secure and sustain accommodation suitable for them.


If you are a frontline delivery organisation or Local Authority interested in learning more about SHPS please get in touch with


COVID 19 Update


SHPS is supporting Local Authorities in the COVID-19 response. In the Local Authorities where we are operating, our teams are supporting many of the those housed into emergency temporary accommodation due to COVID-19, helping to move them into permanent accommodation.


As well as supporting to re-house the “Everyone In” cohort, our frontline teams and Local Authority partners are expecting a surge in demand for homelessness services driven by the economic fall-out of the COVID-19 crisis. 

We work across six London boroughs

Click on each borough to find out more

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SHPS was commended at the London Homelessness Awards 2018, the country’s leading homelessness awards.


Sponsored by the London Housing Foundation, Crisis, Shelter and the London Housing Directors, the LHA awards recognise the creativity and imagination that agencies bring to services for homeless people.

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